A great editorial on Payday Loans, and Lotteries

from the Washington Post

In a place where government has utterly failed to provide adequate education and public services, government is using advertising to exploit the desperation of poor people in order to raise revenue that funds other people’s public services. This is often called a “regressive” form of taxation. The word does not adequately capture the cruelty and crookedness of selling a lie to vulnerable people in order to bilk them.

This is a justice thing, unfortunately money makes it political.

Webster’s Dictionary

There’s a pretty good blog post that was making the rounds a couple of months ago called You’re probably using the wrong dictionary, which makes a case for installing Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language (1913 edition). It really does have much more vivid definitions in many cases than the New Oxford American Dictionary included with OS X. The only problem with it is the formatting (or lack thereof) does not work well. I’d pay to be able to use a well formatted version.