Coffee and Process

Every morning this week I made a cup of coffee with my new Aeropress Coffee Maker. I am more of a tea drinker than a coffee person, but I’ve heard good things about the Aeropress and I wanted to give it a try. Then, since I’m always hearing about burr grinders and how they are superior, I picked up this Cuisinart Burr Mill (except at Bed Bath & Beyond, not Amazon). Finally I dropped by the grocery store to get some beans and picked up some Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend.

The coffee that comes out of this combination is quite good. A large cup doesn’t need any cream or sugar and doesn’t leave me feeling jittery. It leaves just a bit of bitter aftertaste back in my throat once I’m finished, but that is only noticeable if I’m looking for it.

I do have to say, and I’m usually pretty skeptical of other people saying things along these lines, that the process of making coffee this way leaves a little bit to be desired, aesthetically. The aeropress feels strangely modern yet inefficient. I think it is actually rather efficient, but the number of parts and steps to go from 0 to coffee can be a little overwhelming. The grinder I’m using doesn’t help either since it seems to be made for people making more than one cup at a time so I always feel like I am rinsing too many grounds out of the hopper when I’m done. Perhaps with practice some of the rough edges will smooth out and this won’t be an issue.

What beans should I try next?

photo from me