Gmail Browser

Gmail Browser!


I had been keeping until a few days ago a separate firefox window just for gmail. But I’m tired of Firefox freaking out and deciding that it only knows the email address that I don’t want to use for a contact that has two emails.

When I switched to using Safari, I still wanted a separate window, because Safari likes to open tab sets over the current tabs that are open (which makes me lose my gmail window). Also it’s tough (impossible?) to set up so that my safari gmail window is always in a separate space. When they are both in the same space it is awkward to get from one window to another…

Now I can assign Gmail Browser to its own window and use cmd-tab to navigate between them!

Plus that page showed me where the nightly builds of webkit are, Double Word Score!

NBC lies to me, all the time.

I watch the Office on their website, since they won’t let me buy season four from iTunes. They have these crappy commercials (way too loud, there are only 2 per episode, but they show them 12 times each) that they show over and over again, and there is a little indicator in the upper right corner that says “Your show will automatically resume in X seconds” which counts down to zero and then is replaced with “Click to continue.”

Either NBC is lying, or they don’t understand what “automatically” means. I don’t know which is worse.

Sudden Loss of Hard Drive Space, Mac OS X

If you recently lost about 10GB of hard drive space on your Mac, it may be because the iDisk just increased it’s size (up to 10 GB). If you would like to get this space back, turn off “iDisk Syncing” under the iDisk tab in the .Mac preference pane.

The local copy of the iDisk apparently carves out 10GB of your HD, just to make sure that it can store what you send to the iDisk.

After turning off the Syncing, you have to delete the “previous idisk” image that is on your desktop (it’s 10GB).

You should then have your 10 GB back (or slightly less, depending on how much info you had in your iDisk before it expanded)