Visual history of my blog

The wayback machine started archiving this site when I got my own domain name in 2005. You can click on an image to see the wayback machine entry that matches. Hopefully. I may have skipped a few or pasted the wrong link.

screen grab of waybackmachine archive of my site in 2006

Unfortunately the styling didn’t seem to stick when the wayback machine archived the site…


screengrab of my site in 2007 from the wayback machine

It’s cool to see all the recent comments over there… My post comments used to be like a little facebook community…

screengrab of my computer in 2007 with a different style

Still some broken image links, but a new look for my blog template…

A third new look in 2007

Here’s the first look that seems to have been successfully archived. I was changing the template a lot in 2007. One funny thing is that flickr widget is showing a picture that I definitely hadn’t taken at that point. 


screengrab of my site in 2008

another new look. Comment section is still rolling along. Notice how I used to dump all my links into the blog too. 

screengrab of my site with another new look

I guess I didn’t like that last look

screengrab of my site in february 2009

I can’t tell if this is a poorly archived template, or a much plainer style. 

screengrab of my site in september 2009

I remember this template… I’m pretty sure there is a missing header image though. Notice how the sidebar is about the same size as the content. 

screengrab of my site in 2010

There’s the header… That was created using my own handwriting font. This template lasted longer than I remember.

Screen Shot 2015 01 27 at 11 13 12 AM

I basically stopped posting for a couple of years, which is why the previous template lasted so long. I blame twitter and facebook.

screengrab of my site in 2013

I’m still not posting much, but here’s a new look.


another screengrab of my site in 2013, this one is orange

A very orange template. I think at this point I’m trying out the new default template for wordpress each year as I come across it. My blogging picks up a little bit as I start posting shorter posts inspired by using tumblr for a while. 

Screen Shot 2015 01 27 at 11 21 39 AM

And here we are at my current template. I tried out the 2015 template, but I like having those 6 “featured” posts at the top, so I’m going to stick with this one for a while at least. 


There were quite a few looks this site had that I used back when it was on blogspot in 2003 and 2004, but there’s an overview of how my site has changed over the years. 

Blog, Roll.

I’ve updated my blog rolls to include about 90% of the blogs and comics I’m subscribed to. Now you can tell where I get most of the inspiration for my daily links.

Just as a disclaimer, not all of the web-comics (or blogs for that matter) are agreeable to all sensitivities.

P.S. I’m looking for more news links. I want sites that provide fewer than 20 articles per day.