Loving the Law of the Lord

How I love your law!
I think about it all day long.

–Psalm 119:97 GNB

Psalm 119 is full of verses like this. When I get to one I usually try to rationalize it by thinking something along the lines of: “that’s more of an old testament posture to take towards the law, now that Jesus has died and risen, we have grace, so the law is merely a contrast to God’s radical grace. If I were to take up the posture of loving the law I’d be on a slippery slope to a life of legalism.”

However, recently I ran across an excellent series of videos covering the Ten Commandments from Luther’s Small and Large Catechisms. I heartily recommend the series because it teaches a way to love the law but still avoid legalism. Like many good treatments it reminded me of some things I already knew, but also revealed new things I had never known; speaking to both my mind and my heart.

There are 33 videos ranging from 5 to 16 minutes each.

The Lutheran ordering of the commandments is probably different from what you are used to (unless you are Lutheran.) The fifth video goes over the different orderings of the commandments. There are more variations than I knew!

Freedom Firm

My small group at church has set out to raise $2500 to give 50 duffle bags full of clothing toiletries and other items to girls just rescued from sex slavery by Freedom Firm in India.

Freedom Firm rescues minor girls in India who have been trafficked into prostitution, enabling them to engage in effective rehabilitation. Of the 2 million sex workers, it is estimated that 60% of them were trafficked into the work between the ages of 12 and 16.

After rescuing the girls (freedom) the group works to prosecute the responsible parties in the courts (firm) in order to curb the tide of human trafficking.

Their site is in an “under construction” state, but the Gallery is good and you can read more about their strategy under the strategy menu item from their homepage.

Let me know if you are interested in donating and I can tell you how to make it tax-deductible. Also feel free to donate directly to freedom firm on their site, which will go to other efforts.