On Onions

I really like onions. They are easy to cut up and add to just about anything that is savory…

Sometimes though, I struggle with using up the onions I buy. I like having onions around if I want to use them, but sometimes I’ll just go a while without cooking something that I want to add onions to.

My roommate makes eggs all the time and I suggested that he use some of the onions, because he likes onions too. He said that he would if they were all cut up, but also that he is too lazy to cut them himself.

So after planting the one that bloomed out in my garden, I decided to cut up the remaining onions and put them in a ziplock bag for my roommate to use.

Now the entire refrigerator, freezer, and downstairs of our apartment smells like onions. Outside the refrigerator the smell is faint enough so that it is easily mistaken for sweaty feet. Not sure that is a bonus.

I kinda thought ziplock bags were non permeable. Does anyone have an idea for a better container?

I think the source of the onion smell in the apartment (outside the icebox) is the bits that are chopped up and in the trash. However, the freezer almost makes me cry when I open it, and I usually don’t have a very severe reaction to onions.

The Radical Reformission

reaching out without selling out
by Mark Driscoll

I had to resist quoting the entire book here. Mark points out a middle way between sectarianism and syncretism. This involves engaging the culture more than extreme fundamentalists are comfortable with, while also sticking to fundamental doctrines more openly than liberals want to.