iPad Reactions: I’d use that

I didn’t want to flood my twitter stream with all of these:

1. I’m surprised at the low price. I was expecting entry level to be around $800 at the lowest. I’m guessing they are selling these without as much margin as most Apple products, they probably can make it back on AppStore sales.

2. $30 a month for unlimited 3G data is pretty good. Especially since that is “pay as you go” with no contract. Surprised it is with AT&T (isn’t this going to kill their network even more than the iphone?), but it isn’t exclusive (as far as I can tell).

3. iWork Apps are selling for $10 each. Sets a slightly higher bar for “premium” apps than the iPhone, but it is much lower than the price they set on the Mac (iWork Apps would be $27 each if you could buy them separately).

4. Like that there is a keyboard easel (costs extra?) Hope this is open to third party development.

5. This seems to be the Apple entry into the “netbook” market. I would buy one of these before I’d buy a netbook.

6. Two apps I’d buy immediately: GarageBand (recording app) and Acorn (photo editing) or their equivalents.

7. Interesting that Apple is making their own chip. I wonder if Intel is happy about this.

8. Still pretty sure I won’t dive into the ebook side of this, so it is nice to see that isn’t the main focus of this device. That makes it much more desirable to me, which might help me to make the jump to ebooks. (I never thought I’d buy only mp3’s of music, but I’m doing that now.)

9. For my use, I could see this taking over all of the mobile use of my laptop if I had a real desktop. I mostly use my laptop as a moveable desktop anyway.

10. Interesting to see Jonathan Ive is now going by Jony Ive: http://www.apple.com/ipad/#video

11. Kindle DX is $10 cheaper than the entry level iPad. It has better battery life and no fee 3G access, but is only B&W and more book focused.

Awesome Launchbar 5 feature

I just accidentally discovered the clipboard history feature of LanchBar 5. I had seen it in the feature list and thought that that would be cool, but didn’t make it through the documentation to that point (most of the features listed before it seemed at best cool-but-not-within-my-workflow).

Anyway it is just “command \” and the last 10 items in the clipboard are available. You hold down the command key and tap the \ key to scroll through. When you release both that entry gets pasted (if you are in a text entry area) and /or put into the clipboard.


I like dashboard. There are lots of well-written widgets that I use like:

The Weather Channel Widget
Stary Night
RPN Calculator

However, what is the point of having dashboard run all the time, if every time I use it I have to wait for minutes for all the widgets to refresh and start working?

I love the RPN calculator, but it usually takes a full minute after activating dashboard before I can start using it. And there is no visual cue that it is ready, so I usually have to sit there typing numbers until the calculator is ready.

I think I’ll just look for a stand alone application that will launch more quickly.

There is some unspecified amount of time that the dashboard applications are immediately responsive, but I’m not sure what that is. I’d like it if I could specify a few widgets to “keep awake” or whatever…