As the Apple TurnsVote Early Vote Often poll has an answer that involves cats sleeping on 17″ Al Powerbooks, which is funny because I was visiting my brother in MN most of the last month, and his little ragdoll kitten (which actually looks a lot like the one on the left) really enjoyed sleeping behind my 12″ Al Powerbook. Right back where the vents put out a lot of heat.

I hope that someone will write a haxie or something to let me run my fan more often… this thing is hot… and I even use a podium cool pad **(but if you look up podium, you will find that it is something you stand on… even though most people just think it is the same thing as a lecturn… oh well…)**

Confusing Email subjects…

According to frontbridge these are the top 10 confusing email subjects:

The Top 10 Trickiest Spammer Subject Lines:

1. RE: Information you asked for
2. hey
3. Check this out!
4. Is this your email?
5. Please resend the email
6. RE: Your order
7. Past due account
8. Please verify your information
9. Version update
10. RE: 4th of July (Or, I am assuming, a close holiday)

I know I have used “hey” as a subject many times… have to try to get a new throwaway subject.

Apple’s iDisk and Pictures

I have had no end of trouble with iDisk, combined with pictures… I have:

Used iPhoto to make a photopage–> result= didn’t work*
Used homepage to make a photopage–> result= didn’t work*
Put a big bunch of pictures in (Pictures folder within sites folder in iDisk)–>result= no acces*

In the first two cases, the page showed up, but all the squares for pictures were blank, in 3 different browsers. In the last case, I get apple’s “homepage not found” page… Any help would be appreciated.