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How to read generalizations about generations

I used to read articles like this: 8 things millennials want—and don’t want—show how different they are from their parents and immediately think of all the counterexamples in my life that I see for each item.

The better way to read it is as if it were titled “8 consumer trends that are different for millennials as a group than previous generations”

So, sure, I know a bunch of millennials who are buying tvs, but when you look at the buying habits of that age group, many fewer tvs are being bought.

More on Payday loans and Lotteries

An interesting article that points out why payday loans, while regrettable, can actually have a benefit while also pointing out that Churches might be able to help relieve the poor from their predatory interest rates:

How Churches Can Protect the Poor Against Predatory Lending

An article I read a while back (it is an editorial from 2010) talking about states relaxing regulations to allow credit unions to offer savings accounts which offer lottery like prizes for people who meet certain savings goals. I know that states love that revenue that lotteries bring, but if they cared about their poorer citizens they would be moving away from “education lotteries” and toward this type of regulation:

Credit unions launch a savings lottery, and everyone hits the jackpot

Some games

I’ve been enjoying Alto’s Adventure ($2 currently). It reminds me of a game I enjoyed playing when I got my first iPhone, Tiny Wings. Both involve controlling a character moving through a hilly landscape in short bursts of play time (which is helpful in mobile games because you might be able to play anywhere between 30 seconds or 30 minutes.)

I have played both of those games and recommend them without reservation. I haven’t played Cursed Treasure 2 on the iPhone, but I did play it on the computer and it was pretty good. It is a well-drawn tower defense game. Instead of playing the “good guys”, you are defending your gems from being stolen by a hero who sends stereotypical units against your towers (It is currently free on the App Store.)