New Sources

A couple of blogs have recently entered my grist-stream and have been producing content that resonates with my thoughts more often than not.

Glory to God for All Things: No One is Saved Alone
This is from the Orthodox perspective. Actually this post about honoring Mary was one of the first times I connected to that practice as anything beyond at-best-possibly-not-idolatry.

Just Thomism: What’s evidence?
This is a Catholic blog that focuses mostly on straight philosophy.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

I like simple recipes. I’ve been eating a lot of this lately:

Frozen fruit
Granola (optional)

I started out trying to make smoothies, but my smoothie blender is pretty sad, and I had to add lots of fluid to make it actually blend fruit and yogurt up. Plus there was a lot of waste left on the sides of the blender.

So I just started putting it in a bowl. I really like the frozen mixed berries or just straight up raspberries. They have recently been the least expensive options. Fresh berries would probably work fine, but I like the convenience of keeping packages of frozen fruit available.

For the yogurt I’ve mostly stuck with plain Greek yogurt, but I’ve tried vanilla and regular yogurt. The berries are usually sweet enough for me.

I’ve occasionally added granola. When I do I like this Coconut Almond Curry granola. The curry really adds an interesting flavor.