Beard oil

Through the invisible machinations of my RSS collection I was pointed to this listicle on 10 beard oil recipes, which made me want to share my personal beard oil recipe. If you want to be entertained, try typing “beard oil recipe” into your phone a few times. My auto correct did not know what to do.

Beard Oil
1. Olive oil
2. Rosemary sprig

Put both in a bottle. Spread on beard or bread.

There are a few issues with this recipe that I want to be up front about. I’ve found that it is difficult to get enough oil to cover the Rosemary and still use it up before the oil loses its pleasant olive smell. This is probably why people use Rosemary oil rather than a sprig. Also I sometimes get too much and have to pretty thoroughly wash my hands to get rid of the excess.

Barber Violin Concerto

This was the gateway that let me begin to appreciate more modern orchestral music. Barber’s violin concerto has a sound to it that seems to be distinct from older classical music. Compared to his Adagio, this sounds very 20th century to me. Also: Gil Shaham is fun to watch.