2017 flowers

More stuff I liked 2017

I thought of a few more things worth sharing:

One Punch Man anime series
Not one who quite gets anime, I really enjoyed this series. The main character can defeat anyone with a single punch, and yet he is still able to have quite humorous adventures. If someone hadn’t told me the series was satire, I wouldn’t have known (and probably wouldn’t have stuck around long enough to find out how good the series is)

Logan superhero movie
It was too early in the year, and I think the oscars are probably not ever going to a superhero movie, but this one really should be considered. It is quite violent and bloody, but it is about a superhero who has metal claws for weapons…

Dunkirk IMAX film
I saw this in domed IMAX format. It was a very different kind of film than many others I’ve seen. It is less about a story than about an experience. Very tense throughout and beautifully shot sequences. I’m interested to see it on a small screen and see if the tension is as visceral.

Gorogoa puzzle game
An interesting, hand-drawn puzzle game for iOS, PC, or Nintendo Switch. It isn’t super long, but it is beautifully drawn and has interesting mechanics. (At least it was interesting on my phone, not sure about the other platforms)

Buttered Side Down youtube channel
Wacky, surreal humor. Worth checking out, though “Making a paper airplane” gets a little grisly…

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