A solid object lesson in anticipation being worse than reality

About a mile and a quarter into a planned six mile hike I lost my balance and fell into a tributary of New Hope Creek. Thankfully it was 30ºF and warming up, not cooling down. The water was up to my belly button and in my haversack. I said “Well, this is not ideal” aloud.

It was surprising how little being wet in the cold weather seemed to effect me. I climbed back on the log and quickly started back toward the car after putting Poppy on her leash. Hypothermia entered my thoughts a few times, but once I was moving the only cold I felt was when my wet pants stuck to my legs.

By the time I got to my car it was 37º and my only concern was if my dunked key fob would unlock the car. Concentrating on this, I nearly slipped on some ice about a yard from the car. Everything worked fine and I made it home after a slightly squishy drive and it had warmed up to 42º.

So next time someone invites me to a polar bear swim, I think I’ll do it.

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