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iOS 10 – Apps I Use

It has been a while since I last did one of these posts. Skipped right over iOS 9. Here are some apps I use. It looks like I use fewer apps than I did in the old days.

Fantastical – $5
Dark Sky – $4
Reeder – $5
PrayNow – $9
YouVersion (now called Bible)

are all still in heavy rotation.

I’ve switched from Instapaper to Pocket for saving pages to read. They both sell ads based on what you save, but Pocket at least offers a paid tier. I’m not sure if paying keeps them from selling ads, but Instapaper doesn’t offer that option.

Some apps I may have neglected to mention before:

Overcast – a free app about which I have previously written: Importing Arbitrary Audio Into It is an excellent app if you want to listen to things a little quicker than they were recorded.

Hoopla – a free app that my local library uses to offer ebooks, audiobooks, and videos. I only really use it for audiobooks. I can tell they are actively developing this app because sometimes it gets better and sometimes it gets worse. We are currently in a trough of user experience where the audio will stop playing arbitrarily and sometimes come back, but sometimes I have to push play myself, or even restart the app before I can get it to play. That I am still using it despite all this shows how valuable the content is. One day I might get an audible account, but until then these free audiobooks keep me calm while I’m driving.

Strava – a free run/bike/swim tracker. They have a premium tier for $60/year which might be worth it if I get an Apple Watch, or become more serious about biking. For now the free service does everything I want. They really want you to share your information publicly, but you can keep it private if you dig around in the preferences.

Instant Heart Rate – this app uses your camera to measure your heart rate. I’m not certain how accurate it is, but when I’m able to feel my pulse, it seems to match up with the graph they display, so I’m guessing at least the higher pulse rates are accurate. Irritatingly, it occasionally asks you to upgrade which I have thought about doing, but they don’t say if upgrading will remove the ads. I’ve tried a few other apps that seem to have a better user interface, but they all have much more invasive ads. One of the reasons I’d like to get an Apple Watch with its built in heart rate monitor is to be done with this app once and for all.

There are a few other apps that I use from time to time, but nothing that I use very often.

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