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Overcast has very nice tools for speeding up podcasts. It increases the playback rate without causing the pitch to rise, compresses the silences to squeeze more audio into a given time, and boosts and normalizes the audio.

I have been wanting to be able to listen to all sorts of spoken word recordings that aren’t available in the form of a podcast. I’d love it if I could just select audio from a playlist in iTunes, but as far as I can tell the only input Overcast takes is a podcast feed url. Please correct me if I’m wrong

Using Dropbox,, and a WordPress installation I rolled my own private podcast.

  1. Create a new WordPress site
  2. Make a privatepodcast directory in Dropbox to store files for the feed.
  3. Create a “If Dropbox then WordPress” rule at which creates new posts from files dropped into the privatepodcast folder.
  4. WordPress provides a feed that is located at your_sites_url/feed/ which you can subscribe to using Overcast.


  • I dropped 32 individual chapters of an audiobook into the folder only to find out later I had to go back and manually adjust the post timestamps to get them in order.
  • I had to turn off the link shortening that ifttt uses. Something about that kept the files from appearing in Overcast.
  • WordPress provides feeds for individual tags or categories, so I could separate out (e.g.) an audiobook into its own feed, but I haven’t found that necessary yet.

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