Combining Multiple Garage Band Projects

Because Garageband does not allow you have more than one project open at a time, it can be frustrating to pull together a series of projects into a single project.

This is only useful if you want to combine the raw audio. I’m pretty sure none of the effects travel with the audio. Also, if your project has a lot of separate audio instead of one chunk, it’s probably better to go through the process of copying the audio from one project and pasting it in another.

A shortcut if you are combining multiple garageband recordings into a single project:

  1. Open the project you want everything combined into.
  2. Right-click on the project you want to add
  3. Select “Show Package Contents”
  4. Open “Media”
  5. Grab the .aif file and drag it to the project in step 1
    (If there are multiple .aif s you can use QuickLook to make sure you get the right one)
  6. Repeat 2-5 for each project you want to combine.

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