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  • "It is certainly possible for error to accompany what is good. The pursuit of scientific achievement depends upon a process of trial and error; excellence in play or work comes about through the overcoming of error; and mistakes can create the opportunities for artists to creatively transcend what they otherwise thought possible. Errors can therefore be embraced as a necessary side effect of pursuing the good, and as a means of discovering new truths.

    Injustices, on the other hand, are intrinsically to be avoided; they cannot be acceptable as side effects. Like errors, they may be overcome, but they cannot be embraced as a beneficial aspect to progress towards what is good. "

  • e-book vs. codex

    I love books, and I agree with most of the sentiment of the author. I don't really mark in books that much though. Also, sometimes books do become obsolete, e.g. when they get brittle and you can't turn the pages anymore, or when they get too wet.

    I would own a kindle right now if I got a kindle version of a book when I bought a real book on amazon for the same price (including all the books I have already purchased on amazon.)

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  • A look at the dark side of "Evangelical" worship. One thing I noticed, growing up with Lutheran liturgy, is that when my current church did a sermon series on repentence and confession it was a big new (or a reminder of an old) thing for a lot of people.

    Sure, with liturgy, it can become dead, but without it, sometimes people don't ever do it, or know what it can do for them.

  • Animal Style looks good

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