The Unseen

by T.L. Hines

I signed up to become a Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger. And this was the first book they sent me.

The book is physically well-built. The font is not distracting, however the type is a little large for my taste. The paper is average or slightly below.

The story was well-written. Enough to hold my interest and keep me reading through the three sittings it took. The two interruptions were sleep, and a previous engagement.

The author avoided the temptation to slap a thin veneer on a blatant allegory and call it Christian Fiction. There were many pleasant twists and a depth to the story that puts it in a class above the majority of Christian fiction.

The plot had elements from The Pretender television program and even, tangentially of the Metal Gear video game series.

There were a few places where things didn’t seem to line up quite right (e.g. the character walks from point A to catch a train from point B to point C because it was too far to walk from A to C, but I’m pretty sure A is closer to C than B), but these were only momentary distractions from the central focus.

There were also quite a few brand names (e.g. Apple, TracFone, Firefox) and pop-culture references (e.g. “Don’t Tase me Bro!”) strewn throughout the book. For me they were a little jarring.

Overall it was an entertaining read with a surprising level of depth.

2 thoughts on “The Unseen

  1. Hi, Dwight – Thanks for reading. Interesting comment about the brand names. I hope it makes the story more real; I live in a world where I want a Diet Dr. Pepper and a MacBook, not a diet soda and a laptop computer. I try to make my characters inhabit the same world. Maybe it’s because I worked in advertising for so many years: I was brainwashed by constant brand bombardment. :)

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