Adobe Flash vs. Apple

…is killing my computer. My laptop has two processors, so when I look at the process list anytime I have a program that is running flash, it is at the top of the list with around 98% of one of the processors.

This makes my computer very hot.

My computer was either designed incorrectly, or has a problem that Apple cannot (or will not) fix (they have tried twice). The fans never spin faster than 1250RPM. It doesn’t matter how hot the computer gets.

I have an application that lets me adjust the minimum fan speed (SMC Fan Control) but still have to keep an eye on my computer’s temperature and adjust it manually.

If I forget to max out my fan when I want to use flash, my computer just shuts down when it gets above 200 degrees (Fahrenheit) for an arbitrary amount of time.

Other things besides Flash cause problems (Importing CDs, burning CDs, basically anything that gets the processor runnin’).

My first generation Mac Book Pro is on its third logic board. The last time I got my computer back they said it was the third-party memory that I have and offered to sell me some Apple RAM. I’d be all for it if I were a millionaire, and I thought that had anything to do with the problem.

If I have this problem much more I’m going to take the 3rd party memory out and find out if they are right. If they are, I don’t know what I’m going to do, because I can’t afford Apple’s memory, and I can’t operate with less memory than I have… I guess I’ll just try to stay on top of the heat issue.

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