Um… Why?

Google just announced Google Gadgets for Mac. I don’t understand. The standard way to get dashboard widgets is to download them from wherever (direct from apple or just direct from the developer) and install them.

Google’s way is to install software that I don’t need (google desktop) in order to browse their library of widgets.

This has happened a lot recently. One of the big reasons I went back to apple’s was because google notifier required some crappy Google install program.

4 thoughts on “Um… Why?”

  1. I have installed Google Notifier without the use of any other program, (no offense meant) but you are wrong on that account. I do have Google Updater, because it is a handy program to have

  2. (Sorry got cut off for some reason)
    …if you are using Google Earth, Google Video Player, or another Google program.
    So you know, I found this site through the “Official Google Mac Blog.”

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