“Peace and Justice Christians”

I happen to agree that abortion is a form of murder. I think the quarrel about when life begins is disrespectful to the fetus. I know I murdered the life within me. I could have loved that life but chose not to. I did what men do all the time when they take us to war: they choose violence because, while they believe it is bad, it is still better than the alternatives.

Rev. Donna Schaper

Get more of this drivel at the god’s politics blog or her personal blog which has thankfully dried up since mid-April.

A better response than mine is available at touchstonemag.com

8 thoughts on ““Peace and Justice Christians””

  1. do you read this stuff just to get peeved? It sounds to me like this woman is talking about a past experience that she had so…why call it drivel? I’m not sure why you would take the time to post this..(and why I’m taking the time to comment – grin)

  2. I can understand supporting abortion if you don’t think it is murder. But to say it is murder, and then to try to justify it is absurd drivel.

    “I could love Thomas and Kim, but I chose not to, so I killed them.” What? That is absurd drivel, and if I ever do and say that I should be executed.

  3. I really think that she is talking about her past. So at the time when she had the abortion she may not have thought it wrong or murder – or it may have been the only choice she had…however she had the abortion and it sounds now like she regrets it. To turn your phrase around…”I killed Thomas and Kim…I see now that it was murder, I could have loved them, but I chose not to”

    I think it is a typical reaction for those who have had an abortion and now regret it.

  4. Since I don’t subscribe to Tikkun Magazine, I can’t quote directly, but here are some more quotations with commentary:

    Rev. Schaper, pastor of Judson Memorial Church in New York City, wrote a recent article for the liberal Jewish monthly Tikkun about the abortion she had nineteen years ago. She says she’s “neither bragging nor apologizing.”

    Schaper says that her abortion was the right choice, since she and her husband had young twins at the time. “Because women are mature sexual beings who make choices,” she writes. “Birth control and abortion are positive moral forces in history. They allow sex to be both procreational and recreational, for both men and women.” As a matter of fact, as Schaper sees it, abortion doesn’t have anything to do with babies. “The drama of the abortion battle is not about unborn babies at all,” she writes. “Instead it is about women and sex.”

  5. Regardless of her stance, or what I think of it, I’m concerned with the growing amount of disgust, approaching hatred, I hear coming from you. I understand that you have particular morals that you believe are justified–even demanded–by your God. But it is my understanding that the God you believe in suggests loving your neighbor as yourself, and questions your ability to throw the first stone.

  6. What does love mean to you? I want the people I love to not be saying wicked and wrong things. Nowhere in my article will you find any suggestion that I dislike anything about this lady beyond her wicked ideas about abortion and murder.

  7. Can you help me by describing the phrases or words that you would term disgusted or hateful?

    I know God loves me and He tells me my ideas are drivel all the time.

  8. i think disgust is not something that is ‘bad’ (but i don’t find your comments to be overly hateful or anything. I do find the comments by ‘rev’ shaper to be ridiculous. justifying murder because others justify it is just unsound. she also claims that the abortion was the right choice becuase she already had twins??? how is that any justification? how is one more going to break your back when you are already dealing with 2?
    abortion 99% of the time is about selfishness and ‘inconvenience’. plain and simple.
    if she wants to claim that it would have been a ‘financial burden’ then can’t common theft/murder use the same argument? “hey, i was living off the streets and needed to eat. so i just killed the dude and robbed him”???? outrageous.
    you know people by their actions. she has no business being a christian advisor. she should be a democratic candidate. as a typical modern woman i ain’t surprised by her words. if she is claiming to be a christian then i am disgusted by her words.

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