Does anyone see anything wrong with this?

Now inactive reservists obliged only to report one day a year may be recalled – against their will if necessary.

Under a general contract, a marine serves four years on active duty, and then a further four years in the reserve forces. For this final four years, they can either elect to join the regular reserves – where they are paid and train regularly – or choose to join the IRR.

from BBC

I keep hearing in the news about this horrible thing where the government recalls people “against their will” to serve in the armed forces. It isn’t really the “against their will” part that I have a problem with, that may actually be true, but that “obliged only to report one day a year” part which is at best a lie.Maybe there are people recalled against their will, but they signed a contract and they are obliged to either join the Active Reserve or the Individual Ready Reserve for the last four years of their contract.

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