The Problem with Ratings…

…or at least my implementation of them. iPhoto lets you rate your photo’s with 1-5 stars. I usually go through my pictures as soon as I put them on my computer and rate them. I give 1 star to any picture that is in focus, and go up from there. If I kind of like a picture it gets a 2.

The problem comes in in my use of smart albums. These albums are basically a set of filters which show only some of the pictures in my library based on conditions that I pick. Since there are quite a few 2* pictures, I don’t have (and if I did, I wouldn’t use) an album that shows all the 2* and up pictures.

Another part of the problem is that I’m just making a snap judgement when I rate a picture. I make adjustments, but not that often. So occasionally a really good picture languishes in that 1 or 2 star wasteland.

So anyway, here is one of those pictures:


2 thoughts on “The Problem with Ratings…”

  1. boy, I am so photogenic.
    can we actually look at these 1 and 2 pictures, cause I’ve been through most of your pictures and I’ve never seen this one.

  2. There are a bunch… I’m trying to get them all on flickr. The problem is, I want to end with some worthwhile ones, so when people visit my page they are not seeing 93 pictures of my toe or something…

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