To get pithhelmet working again

Taken from Version Tracker: “If you use PithHelmet and have updated to Safari 1.2 you’ll notice it doesnt work. Here is the fix that should work until PH gets a proper update.
open /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/
Right click (control click) PithHelmet.bundle and select ‘show package contents’
Open the info.plist file in either BBEdit or Property List Editor if you have the dev tools installed
Find where it says MaxSafariBundleVersion and change the value to 125
Save and restart safari. thats it, now it works.

If you need to install 0.7.2 fresh on a box with Safari 1.2 already on it, you’ll need to do the following:

1. Download and open the PithHelmet folder
2. Navigate to the Packages subfolder
3. Right-click (ctrl-click yadda yadda) the PithHelmet.pkg file and select ‘Show Package Contents’
4. Navigate into the Contents/Resources subfolder
5. Open the file InstallationCheck in a text editor (I used TextEdit)
6. Chage the string 100 in the line:

exit((1 6) | (1 5) | 16) if ($1 != 100);

to 125 and save the file.
7. Install as usual by running the regular PithHelmet.mpkg package

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