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Awesome Launchbar 5 feature

I just accidentally discovered the clipboard history feature of LanchBar 5. I had seen it in the feature list and thought that that would be cool, but didn’t make it through the documentation to that point (most of the features listed before it seemed at best cool-but-not-within-my-workflow).

Anyway it is just “command \” and the last 10 items in the clipboard are available. You hold down the command key and tap the \ key to scroll through. When you release both that entry gets pasted (if you are in a text entry area) and /or put into the clipboard.


I like dashboard. There are lots of well-written widgets that I use like:

The Weather Channel Widget
Stary Night
RPN Calculator

However, what is the point of having dashboard run all the time, if every time I use it I have to wait for minutes for all the widgets to refresh and start working?

I love the RPN calculator, but it usually takes a full minute after activating dashboard before I can start using it. And there is no visual cue that it is ready, so I usually have to sit there typing numbers until the calculator is ready.

I think I’ll just look for a stand alone application that will launch more quickly.

There is some unspecified amount of time that the dashboard applications are immediately responsive, but I’m not sure what that is. I’d like it if I could specify a few widgets to “keep awake” or whatever…

This is why AppleCare is good

I just got back from the Apple Store. My MacBookPro had been shutting down when the processor or hard drive really got cranking (i.e. I was using my computer).

They couldn’t figure out the problem, so they gave me a new computer.

It’s about 2x the computer I had before.

HD: 80GB –> 200GB
Proc: 1.83GHz Core Duo –> 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo
RAM: 1GB –> 2GB
System Bus: 667MHz –> 800MHz
802.11: b/g –> b/g/n